“A searing indictment of America’s underfunded and substandard prison memoirists.”

–  Elizabeth Warren staffer


“A magnificent achievement in autobiography, in that the writer seems never to have met the author.”

–  Guy who uses Starbucks as an office


He probably ain’t lyin’.”

 – Former fellow inmate


Stunning!  Like, I mean, that the Garrett I know finished writing a whole book.”

– A Phillips relative


“I like funny. I like prison stories. And if it ever gets published I’ll probably like more of these funny prison stories.”

– Critique writer on scribophile.com


“A gut-shiving story.

-Toothbrush carver


“Reading the tales of this reformed felon, one worries about how many tax dollars we sank into this.”

– Random church preacher


“Garrett Phillips is far taller in person than you’d expect. And Lookout for Shorts is an okay read.”

– Asian tourist


“This book tells jailing like it is.  Not that I would know, I’ve never been to prison. You touch my dessert, you die.”

– Non former fellow inmate


“This book proves second chances may be a total myth. But it’s readable.”

– Amateur sociologist