About This Book


You’re looking at documentation of nearly three years of prison life, in letters I wrote and sent to relatives between February 2012 and December 2014. From these sometimes redundant and rambling missives, I extracted the bulk of my material for Lookout for Shorts.


My book is an often comical, character-strewn story of a path of corrections for a largely misspent life. My arrest for trafficking in party drugs leads to fish-out-of-water experiences including rehab, a halfway house, and prison. Ninety percent of the story takes place in prison, including time in The Hole for writing offenses. Backstory describes my underachievement history, consequences of my substance abuse, and anecdotes from my life before prison.

Lookout is mostly gonzo and jocular in tone. The story is a departure from Oz-like hard core prison tales, instead focusing on the “adult daycare” follies of minimum security lockup. Its coarse subculture is also examined. What it’s like to endure it, and how I evolved  from an overly-entitled “book learnin’ smartass” to empathizing with my downtrodden fellow felons.